The IWTA Association

IWTA started life as DETA (Domestic Effluent Treatment Association) in April 2000 and was the brainchild of Eugene Bolton who then worked for Bord na Mona. Its main objectives were to protect both the user and the environment by helping to raise standards in our industry and in the regulatory environment.

Over the years submission have been made to the Irish Agrement Board, to the Department of the Environment, to the EPA and to the Environment Committee of Dail Eireann. Our message has been consistent.

“The pollution caused by on-site waste water treatment and disposal systems can be attributed to poor regulation at all stages of the process from site assessment through to ongoing operation and maintenance. Standards and effective regulatory procedures must be introduced to remedy this situation.”


In 2010 DETA, in response to the growing realization that on-site sewage treatment encompasses a variety of interests, decided to broaden its sphere of interest. To reflect this change the title Irish Water Treatment Association was adopted.

IWTA will continue to play its part in achieving the goal of environment protection.