IWTA is continually working to improve industry standards and has been actively involved in the new Irish standard SR66 – Guidance on the selection, installation and use of small wastewater treatment systems for domestic wastewater up to 50PE.This standard is now out for public consultation.

It must be used in conjunction with the EN12566 series of standards and outlines the requirements for plants to be suitable for use in Ireland. It covers 4 main topics, our National Requirements (currently our Nation Annexes), sludge storage, scaling for the family of plants up to 50PE and plants using shared Initial Type Testing. It can be reviewed on the NSAI website in the Your Standards Your Say section and all interested parts are asked to comment.

This Standard Recommendation (S.R.) was prepared by a committee of technical experts including members of the National Standards Authority of Ireland Wastewater Engineering Standards Committee.

The objective of this S.R. is to provide guidance to designers, manufacturers and installers when selecting a wastewater treatment system for domestic applications for populations of up to 50 PE in Ireland.

This S.R. provides guidance on the criteria that should be considered when selecting a wastewater treatment plant for installation in Ireland.

This S.R. should be used in conjunction with the appropriate part of the I.S. EN 12566 series of standards and the Code of Practice entitled Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (PE < 10) published by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2009.

This S.R. does not provide guidance on suitable tertiary treatment for wastewater from domestic applications in Ireland.

Kind Regards,
Mike Stack
Chairman IWTA